Your Self Worth

Your Self-Worth

Your worth is not a sum total of your accomplishments.

You are worthy because you are YOU. This does not change, it does not diminish, and it cannot be taken from you. Worthiness is your birthright!

There may be times when you forget to acknowledge your self worth or to appreciate yourself for who you are. During these times, you may likely feel the effects! You may be harder on yourself or feel lonely or defeated.

Remembering your sense of self worth is an important component to living a powerful and fulfilling life

Keeping tabs on how you’re feeling about yourself and making sure you have a healthy level of self esteem is vital when it comes to building a happy life.

Your self worth is part of what builds your core

Your feelings, behaviors, and inner voice all stem from your sense of worthiness. So you can see why it is important to make sure that you acknowledge your inherent worth!

Make sure you love and appreciate yourself for exactly who you are! You will feel the effects throughout every aspect of your life!

What is one thing you can do to extend love to yourself today?

If you are struggling to acknowledge your self-worth, schedule your FREE Breakthrough Coaching Call with Lori HERE today!

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