Waiting for someday

Waiting For Someday

When does “someday” become “today”?

What dreams do you have that are waiting for “someday”? What plans, desires, and yearnings do you have that are waiting to be realized?

We all know how quickly life moves! Time can pass by in the blink of an eye, and shelving your dreams until a better time can sometimes result in them never being brought to life. What if you decided that the time to pursue your dreams is now?! 

Oftentimes, we are so fearful of failing when it comes to pursuing our dreams that we make excuses as to why we aren’t working on fulfilling them. Although this may make us feel safer, it doesn’t come without a cost. If you want to incorporate your dreams and goals, you have to acknowledge the reasons you have put them aside. Are your reasons valid, or do they stem from a place of fear?

One of the most common reasons for waiting to pursue your dreams is that we are too busy. And that is understandable! Our lives are full and fast paced. But time is a commodity. It must be allocated wisely. If your goals are important to you, it is necessary to dedicate time to working on them

Another reason that often comes up is that we don’t know how to begin. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to start working on breathing life into our deepest desires! But we all must start somewhere, and even if you can’t see the path, taking the first step is how you begin! Making small moves can end up creating a big impact.

Many of us feel that it’s too late. We are too old or too settled in our ways. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Women of all ages and from all walks of life are creating their dream lives every day! Time will continue to pass regardless, so we might as well spend it doing things that make our hearts sing! 

Your dreams are important. The reasons you have for not pursuing them are likely born out of fear, and it’s time to kick fear to the curb! There’s no room for it in your dream life. What you dream of accomplishing is part of who you are and what you feel passionate about. Following your dreams helps to make you happier and brings joy to your life.

Are you putting your dreams on the shelf? If so, it’s time to dust them off and make them a part of your everyday life.

If you’d like to have someone to share this journey with, don’t hesitate to reach out ! I’m here to help you negate the excuses, create a plan to achieve all your goals, and support you in living the life of your dreams. I’m rooting for you!

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