The Truth About Positive Affirmations

The truth about positive affirmations is that they are an effective tool to help you achieve a happier and more productive life. Studies have shown that affirming oneself can help reduce your stress, lower anxiety, and enhance your mood. 

Many of my clients use positive affirmations on a regular basis and have found them to be very helpful. 

What Is A Positive Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are positive statements or declarations that can be repeated on a daily basis. These statements are in the present tense and focus on what you want to achieve or believe about yourself. When using positive affirmations, it’s important to use language that is personal and meaningful to you so that you feel a sense of encouragement and support.

Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

Positive affirmations reshape the thinking patterns in our brains to instill a sense of self-worthiness and confidence. In addition to strengthening neural pathways in our brain, positive affirmations are believed to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters help us feel good about ourselves and increase our overall sense of well-being. This allows us to practice being mindful and aware of our own thoughts and feelings, so that we can recognize when we are engaging in negative thought patterns. When we are more aware of our negative thoughts, we can then begin to correct them with positive affirmations. 

Research has found that positive affirmations have been linked to increased levels of motivation, joyfulness, and resilience. They can also reduce anxiety, stress levels, depression, and addictive behaviors as well as improve relationships with others. Additionally, they can help create feelings of connectedness by fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance of yourself and others, without judgment or comparison. With continued use over time, this practice has been shown to have many long-term benefits for emotional well-being. 

How To Create Your Own Positive Affirmations

Creating your own positive affirmations, or mantras involves first identifying the negative thoughts that you have about yourself and then turning them into positive declarations. 

Start by focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. For example, if you often feel inadequate, you can create an affirmation such as “I am capable and competent.” The affirmation should be positive, beginning with the letter “I” and stated in the present tense so that it has immediate power, making it true in your life now. Lastly, you want to keep your affirmations concise so that they are easy to remember.

Once you come up with an affirmation, practice repeating it to yourself regularly throughout the day and as needed when challenging situations arise. Writing down your affirmations can also be helpful; having them written on a piece of paper or in a journal and reading them whenever you need extra motivation. Another helpful tool to help you remember to read your affirmations, is to set a reminder on your phone to go off at a certain time every day, making it super easy for you.

When creating your own personal affirmations, try to make them specific to what is important for you and focus on areas where you’d like to see improvement. Ultimately, having faith in the power of positive affirmations can help bring about meaningful change in your life over time!

Take Control of Your Life

Creating positive affirmations is a process that requires self-awareness and compassion. This is a powerful tool you can use to help take control of your life and propel you forward. By replacing negative thoughts with more empowering ones, you are better equipped to focus on what you want in your life rather than what you do not want.  With consistent practice and dedication this powerful strategy can lead to positive, lasting change in your life!

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