How to move through a stagnant season and come out the other side with renewed confidence and self-worth.

As busy women who are raising families, working, making a home, and everything in-between we have a tendency to lose ourselves amongst the chaos.

We stop taking care of OUR needs, we pour into everyone else — especially our families, and this leads to a depletion of self-worth and maybe even a lack of identity. 

Many of my clients find me at a time in their lives when they feel stagnant. What once filled them with joy no longer interests them, they feel a lack of purpose in their life, relationships or career, and dwindling motivation to push forward. There’s nothing per se “wrong” with their life, and yet they don’t feel fulfilled.

If this is you, trust me, you are not alone — but I can tell you exactly what’s holding you back from finding your purpose and being fulfilled.

The problem is that you are not putting on your own oxygen mask first.

You are neglecting your own self-care, you are depleted of self-love, and you’re convincing yourself that you are unworthy.

What would it feel like to show up in life knowing that you are living out your purpose? You are fulfilled in every way and everything that you do is helping you build a legacy that your children will admire. Leading a life that makes you feel proud, happy, and confident in yourself.

It would change everything, and I know this because I work with women just like you every single day and the result of genuine self-love is truly remarkable.

This is what Amy had to say about our time together:

“Lori has literally helped me turn my life around by teaching me how to be organized, providing me with a plan, and by giving me wonderful support along the way. She knows how to get to the root of a personal challenge or block without being pushy or intrusive. She’s kind and enthusiastic, and it truly feels like her desire to help is a passion and not just a career. She’s lovely as a coach and as a person. I’m a mom of three and she has really helped me figure out how to balance out all the many demands of my life while still being able to fit in self-care and some of my own passions. It’s a work in progress but since I started working with Lori, I’m on the right path now, which is huge!”

My approach to life coaching is to provide a sacred space for sharing where you are able to be vulnerable and focus on living a life that is in alignment with your core values and your integrity.  Together we navigate your obstacles, both internal and external, with care and understanding. Self-love is the most important tool in these transformations and it’s my goal to make sure you feel nurtured and supported throughout your journey.

As far as the structure in my coaching practice, I help you remedy mindset blocks and feelings of lack by taking you through a 5-part coaching process.

We start by getting clear on what you truly want and where you want to go. Having an “end goal” is the most important part because it gives us a destination to head towards.

Once we have clarity on your destination, we can create a roadmap for how to get you there.

We then focus on the skills and mindset shifts required to achieve this goal, and I provide the tools to help you shift to this next level.

During your transformative journey, we also uncover any obstacles that may hinder your progress. By examining your physical, social, and psychological environments, we identify areas of friction that may be holding you back and eliminate them, empowering you to move towards your desired goals with ease.

Then the last piece of the puzzle is to equip you with personalized and effective strategies and tools to ensure that once you achieve your goal, you are able to sustain it. 

You embarked on this journey because you wanted real, lasting change and the way to solidify this is to step into a next-level version of yourself.

Life coaching isn’t about “fixing” yourself and trying to undo who you are. It’s about tapping into your soul purpose and providing you with the tools, support, and accountability to help you achieve your biggest goals in life. 

Committing to your personal growth journey is declaring to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to elevate into the next level version of yourself.

To take the first step in this journey, I invite you to book a Discovery call with me. This is a FREE one-on-one call where we discuss your obstacles, goals, and the best pathway to lead you to success.

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Stop staying stagnant and start living a fulfilled life today.

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