We’ve all been told it’s better to give than to receive. But what if, sometimes, the best way to give is to receive

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. When we give to another and they graciously receive our offering, it makes us feel appreciated and seen.

Being on the receiving end can often be harder than being the giver! Giving is very important, but so is receiving. When you graciously receive from someone, you are acknowledging and affirming their thoughtfulness. 

While giving can make us feel good, receiving offers the chance for others to give. Allowing yourself to be a gracious receiver is an act of love as well. By accepting a thoughtful gift or an act of love, you acknowledge that the giver cares for you, thinks about you, and wants to do something meaningful for you.

The manner in which you receive is important. If you feel guilt or obligation when someone is giving to you, you unintentionally diminish the act. To receive in a positive way, you must eliminate the negative thoughts and see the act of giving in the loving way it was intended.

Giving and receiving can elicit positive emotions for both parties. Intention is energy, and it can be felt by both giver and receiver! Just as giving is a reflection of the giver, receiving is a reflection of the receiver. Being a thoughtful receiver validates the thought and effort of the giver. 

In a way, being a gracious receiver is also an act of giving. So go ahead and give the gift of receiving

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