“Lori has been an invaluable resource as I have been working on making some adjustments in my life. I am close to becoming an empty-nester and am reevaluating where I choose to spend my time and energy. Lori does not push me in any specific direction but encourages me to reflect on what it is that I value at this time. Lori is non-judgemental, truly hears what I am saying, and even hears what I don’t even realize I’m saying! Most importantly, she provides specific ways to reflect and decide what I want to accomplish when I sometimes am not even sure myself which direction I’d like to head. She then provides structure to help me reach those goals both big and small. I can be completely candid, and even when I realize that I need to shift direction, Lori is unwaveringly encouraging and supportive. I feel more clear, confident and positive about my life’s direction since I started working with Lori. Thank you, Lori!”
~ Lisa, Missouri

“Lori is an incredible coach! Her calm demeanor and her incredible life experience brings a wealth of maturity and kindness to the coaching process. Her intelligent questions and positive encouragement were keys to helping me work through my blocks. Lori has a natural gift and would be an asset to anyone who is in need of moving forward on a project… or just in life. I highly recommend her as a coach.”
~ Jackie, Hawaii

“Lori is a great listener, and coach. She has a natural gift of guiding you to identify your next steps to following your dreams “.
~ Kimberly, California

“After our zoom call in February and me setting August 15,2020 as a goal date to pay off my Wellsfargo CC, Ring CC. and dental bill I immediately paid off my dental in February. AND NOWWWWW I have officially paid off both my CC and RING!!!!!!! I not only DID IT, but I did it 3 months quicker than then 6 months planned. I’m feeling amazing and I want to just say thank you!”

~Kylie, Texas

“I have been meeting with Lori on and off since February and I couldn’t be more grateful. Every single time we have a session I walk away feeling more uplifted, positive, motivated and organized. Lori has a way of asking all the right questions that we forget to ask OURSELVES sometimes. Most of my “ah-ha” moments happen when I’m talking with Lori, she makes me think of things I hadn’t thought about before. With her help I have accomplished things that I had tried to do on my own before and just couldn’t get done. With Lori’s accountability I was able to finish tasks in a timely manner and hit my personal goals! Lori is the greatest coach and one of my biggest supporters. I love knowing she’s always there.”
~ Allison, Michigan

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