Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

“Without a date, it’s a dream”

This is a key piece of advice I love sharing with my clients!

Although it can seem like being busy is a badge of honor in our society, it truly isn’t doing us any favors. 

Simplifying your schedule can bring you a lot of joy! Paring down your schedule to what has to be done and making time for the activities that you enjoy most means that you spend more time feeling relaxed and accomplished instead of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. 

Crafting a schedule that works for you is an individual process, but there are few things you can take into consideration to get started!

Start by asking yourself how much is too much? How many commitments do you feel comfortable having? If you have more commitments than you’d like, think about what you are taking on and why. Can any of that be pared down?

Figure out what matters and what doesn’t. If something isn’t necessary and it isn’t adding joy to your life, then see if it’s something you can remove from your schedule. 

What do you wish you had more time for? How can you incorporate that into your life?

For your existing commitments, ensure that you attach each one with a time and date to get it done by

Having a little accountability can ensure those necessary tasks are accomplished and checked off of your task list!

Reclaiming your time and creating a schedule that feels balanced and fulfilling is an important component to living a life that feels calm and peaceful. Remember, being busy doesn’t mean you are always being productive! 

Learning to say no to things that aren’t imperative means you have more time to say YES to the things that bring you joy!

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