It’s time to consider whether a book or a life coach should be your go-to guide when you’re trying to make meaningful changes in your life.

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, and it’s no surprise that self-help books and podcasts can be great resources to help you get there. But many of us are starting to wonder if a book or a podcast alone is enough. Modern self-improvement isn’t just about reading a book or listening to a podcast, it’s about having a mentor who can hold you accountable and provide personalized guidance to help you make a lasting transformation. 

According to a survey conducted by the International Coach Federation in 2020, 84% of individuals who received coaching reported a significant improvement in their performance within just five months. It’s time to consider whether a book or a life coach should be your go-to guide when you’re trying to make meaningful changes in your life. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at why a life coach can be even more beneficial than a self-help book or a podcast, and how personalized coaching can help you become the best version of yourself.

As a confidence coach for women, many of my clients come to me with struggles of feeling a lack of purpose and fulfillment, fearing that they are running out of time to achieve their dreams, looking to the future, and wondering, “What’s next?”, desiring to leave a legacy, wanting to be a more positive role model for their children, and/or a chronic lack of self-love and worthiness.

Here is a quote from one of my past clients,

“I feared that I no longer had time to reinvent myself, achieve goals I’d always wanted to revisit or be able to be a positive example for my adult children.”

Within my work, I tackle mindset, habits, and inner work, and guide my clients through major changes in their lives. I help women start or change careers in their 50s, I help them reinvent themselves after becoming empty-nesters, I help them strengthen their relationships with their adult children, spouses, and friends, and most importantly, I help them cultivate an unshakable sense of self-worth and self-love.

All of which you can’t fully achieve in the self-help section at Barnes and Noble.

When you pick up a book, whether you’re learning from a niche author or a household name like Tony Robbins, you are going to get a general perspective that is primarily based on theory. They are designed to sell to the masses so they simply can’t afford to be too personal or delve too deeply. In other words, they can’t speak directly to your needs. You can expect to get a lot of good ideas but you’re lacking the foundation to put them into practice. Books absolutely have their role in everyone’s personal development journey, but many people get stuck in a state of over-consuming without implementing the methods into their own lives.

However, when you work with a life coach, you can expect 1:1 support with a professional holding up a mirror so that you can see what you may really need to work on. Life coaches serve as a sounding board while holding you accountable on your journey to becoming your best self.

Working with a life coach is like having a personal trainer but for the inner work. You receive personalized exercises and tools to strengthen your mindset, habits, and belief system. 

Reading a book or listening to a podcast may teach you what to do, or why you need to do it, but when you work with a life coach, you learn HOW to do it in a way that makes sense for your specific lifestyle and personal needs.

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