Savour the Moment

Savour the Moment

Are you always one step ahead?

Proficient and thoughtful planning is a great skill to have, but it’s also important to understand when to take a moment and absorb all that is currently going on around you.

Stopping to take in all the wonderful aspects of life that are currently happening allows you to increase your awareness and appreciation of those moments! We can get so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air that we forget to savor the moment. Savoring is a way of mindfully experiencing a sensation, moment, or experience and recalling it later on.

“Savoring occurs when we deliberately try to enhance the positive – to prolong a good experience.” (Ryan M. Niemiec) When we intentionally savor a moment, we are noticing all the good and pleasurable aspects. By concentrating on these experiences, we create a memory to refer back to, complete with all those feel good emotions! Being able to savor the positive moments in your life in turn creates a life that is full of more positivity and happiness. 

How can you incorporate savoring the moment into your life? You can try:

  • Being present in the moment. Let go of the distractions and focus on the now.
  • Focus on the details. Nothing is too big or too small!
  • Journal about the moment. Use your most descriptive words to help you recall the experience.
  • Practice Mindfulness. Be mindful of your breathing and how you are reacting to this moment.

Savoring helps expand and intensify our positive experiences in life. Focusing on the positive aspects of life assists us in balancing out the difficult moments. 

You don’t have to wait for a big, impactful moment to savor an experience! We can luxuriate in the enjoyment of a good meal, the pleasure of watching our children play, or the peaceful moments experienced in nature. Any moment that brings you joy is one to savor! 

By savoring the positive moments in life, you can create a memory bank to draw upon when times are tougher. This allows us to build up our resources to call upon them when necessary. 

Savoring your present moment is a method to actively notice and enjoy the good things in your life. Appreciating what goes on in your day as it happens can increase your happiness level and invite more positivity into your life. Don’t let the good moments pass without celebrating them!

What small moment can you savor today?

If you are struggling with being present in the moment and need some help…. your journey starts now! Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Coaching Call with Lori HERE and start designing your best life!

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