What makes your heart sing?

Incorporating what brings you true joy into your daily life is a crucial component when it comes to creating the life of your dreams. Oftentimes, we are unconsciously pursuing our purpose even if it doesn’t look that way on the surface. We are masters of manifestation, if only we know where to look! 😉 

Where do your interests and passions lie? How do they manifest in your daily life? 

If your current activities aren’t quite in line with your passions, it’s time to consider how they could be! Could you adjust your current responsibilities to be more in alignment with your passions and interests? Can you seek out opportunities to bring your passions to life

Think about what has guided your interests in life. What have you chosen to study, where have you chosen to live, what have you chosen to do with your free time? 

Have your interests changed over time? That’s okay, too! Look for the thread that interconnects them and see what they have in common!

Sometimes, it’s beneficial to come at it from another angle. Instead of asking what your purpose is, it might be helpful to ask yourself what you can do that feels important. There is no right or wrong answer here or what should feel important to you!

Finding your purpose is beneficial for both you and your community. Some theorize that purpose evolved so that humans can accomplish big things together! It also grows from connections to others, so don’t be afraid to find other like minded folks! 

Find what matters to you, and see how you can implement it in your own life! 

What surprising hobbies or interests have you cultivated over the years?!

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