protecting yourself from others energy

Energy is everywhere! 

Your needs and sense of well-being are important.

We are constantly giving little bits of ourselves away. Our time, our space, and our energy can be drained if we aren’t conscious of protecting them. Who you are around affects your energy!

Your personal energy is unique to you. As such, it is important to learn how to decipher the energy of other people to see if it is in alignment with your own.

You may find that being around certain people tires you out or leaves you feeling negative emotions. Just as your energy is unique, so is everyone else’s. It is unlikely that you will be a perfect match with everyone you come into contact with, so learning how to shield your energy will allow you to protect yourself from the negative aspects!

Recognizing when your energy is feeling compromised and taking steps to rectify it is an important aspect when it comes to living your best life. You don’t want to be constantly running on empty!

Think about the particular people and environments that leave you feeling drained. Now think of the situations and individuals who make you light up and feel energized! Notice the differences, and make it a priority to seek out those positive interactions in your life.

One way to get really clear on what is and what is not serving you energetically is to keep an energy diary for a week or so. Take stock at the end of each day and write down what felt good and what didn’t. 

When you encounter a situation that is interfering with your personal energy, a good tactic to try is shielding to block or prevent unwanted energy.

Imagine a clear glass shield around your field of energy. This clear glass keeps the negative energy away from you while sustaining your own positive energy. You can use this as a preventative technique if you know you will be in a situation that is draining, or in the moment if you find yourself needing to protect your energy.

Allowing your energy to remain yours and not letting it become tied to that of others is imperative to keeping your energy high and remaining in a state of wellbeing. 

Shielding your energy and protecting your sense of self gets easier with practice, so don’t forget to make yourself a priority each day!

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