our thoughts determine our reality

Our Thoughts Determine Our Reality

Your thoughts are a powerful force!

The evidence is everywhere! You are constantly making decisions and changing outcomes. Welcome to the power of your subconscious mind at work. 

Your interpretation of a situation defines your experience. How you react is directly related to how your mind perceives what you are going through. Have you ever felt negatively about a situation at the onset, only to find that your feelings change after seeing it in a different light? We are always able to choose how to define and understand each moment that life presents to us. 

You have made many decisions that have been decided in an instant. This is evidence of your deeper inner mind that helped you make those choices on an unconscious level. And the way you choose to experience life on a conscious level affects those choices!

You are able to decide where you’d like to focus your mindset. Your life is happening all around you, and you get to choose where to shine your light. If we are constantly choosing to dwell on our limiting beliefs, then that is what we will continue to see in our lives. If we choose to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, that is what we will continue to notice in our everyday routines. 

Aligning your everyday thoughts with your goals can generate big results! Using the energy of your mind to create your desired outcome is a powerful way to align your thoughts with what you are currently experiencing. 

Finding ways to ensure your mindset compliments your reality can be helpful! Daily reflection is a wonderful way to work towards this goal. Reflecting on daily events and how they were handled can help you celebrate your wins and also help you recognize how you might handle certain situations differently the next time they are presented.

Meditating is another useful tool to help you become aware of your thoughts and recognize any misconceptions you’ve been holding onto. Learning how to take mindful action can assist you in making choices that help you to reach your goals. 

By looking within yourself, you will be able to influence all of your outward decisions!

How has changing your perspective influenced your decision-making?

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