In this episode you will learn:

  • One of the biggest causes of lack of motivation
  • A quick exercise that you can do anywhere to help you
  • 10 ways to motivate yourself

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Transcript: How To Motivate Yourself 

Hello and welcome. My name is Lori Lander founder of Lori Lander Coaching and I help women who may be feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, or stuck in life create an exciting new chapter filled with passion, purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and connections with a like-minded tribe.

Today I am going to be talking about how to motivate yourself in life and there are 10 ways that you can begin implementing today, to help you stay on track and help you move forward towards your dreams.

In this episode you will learn:

  • One of the biggest causes of lack of motivation
  • A quick exercise that you can do anywhere to help you
  • 10 ways to motivate yourself

Now, one thing I have learned is that when the going gets tough, the tough do not always get going!  As a matter of fact, many times when the going gets tough, the opposite occurs and we tend to lose our motivation completely. This is something that is very common. We start off 100%  all-in with what we are working on and then before we know it we have lost the drive to continue.

In a minute  I am going to be talking about the 10 strategies that can help get you motivated but before I do, I want to briefly discuss one of the biggest causes of lack of motivation that many of us struggle with. And it begins with an O. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed overwhelm, then you are spot on! Feeling overwhelmed is one of the biggest contributors to a lack of motivation and this can often derail us and cause us to shut down.

Overwhelm oftentimes occurs when we approach a big project or a large goal we have set for ourselves and rather than breaking down the tasks into small, manageable chunks, we allow intense emotions to creep in such as anxiety, worry or doubt to manifest.

When we are confronted with feelings of overwhelm, it can be challenging to think or act in a rational manner which in turn results in feeling unmotivated. So it is important to notice when you first begin feeling overwhelmed. The moment you begin to feel overwhelm building, I want you to remember this powerful deep breathing exercise.  So what you will do is take a deep breath in for the count of four,  hold the breath for a count of four, release for a count of four and then hold again for the count of four.

Then you want to repeat this process two more times. This deep breathing exercise is called box breathing and can be very effective in helping you with feelings of overwhelm

So,  once you have moved past overwhelm you are ready to begin implementing the following 10 strategies that help you gain motivation and move forward.

First, dream big and create your personal vision statement.  Also, understand why you want what you want. and make sure it excites you!  If it doesn’t…continue to work at your vision and statement and you’re why until you get really excited about what your future could like like. I will attach an exercise in the notes below that you can do to help you create your personal vision statement so make sure and download it. 

Second, create a plan in your calendar of what you want to accomplish and by when and commit to your plan. I strongly suggest writing out your goals and setting a firm date of when you want to achieve them. This will help keep you on track. I say this a lot but remember, without a date, it’s a dream

Third, create daily rituals that you enjoy and that are easy to stick to. Over time these rituals will become second nature which will allow you to follow through so much easier and keep you committed to forward momentum. 

Fourth, exercise daily. This can definitely be a part of one of your daily rituals and exercise helps in so many ways, but most importantly, it is energizing.

Fifth, get plenty of sleep! – Lack of sleep makes it very hard to focus. Which, in turn, can cause you to feel unmotivated and lack the energy necessary to thrive. Commit to going to bed each night and waking up each day at a similar time, which will allow your body time to re-energize and also help you wake up feeling well-rested.

Sixth, practice gratitude daily. Gratitude helps boost happiness by shifting your focus onto what is currently good in your life. This simple mind shift can help a great deal, especially when you are feeling unmotivated. This practice allows you to view your life from a grateful perspective

Seventh, surround yourself with those who motivate you and are motivated.  When you feel like you are falling into a slump or feel lackluster at best, these are the people who will help move you along and help remind you of your dreams for your future.

Eighth, have fun daily. Ensure that you make it a point every day to do something that lights you up. The more joy we have in our life on a consistent basis, the more motivated we will be to accomplish our goals and reach for our dreams.

Ninth, celebrate your wins no matter how small. Celebrating your small successes along the way can enhance not only happiness but also motivation.

And lastly Ten. Get started now. Think of one small step you can take right now to help motivate yourself.  What would that one step be? GO ahead and write it in the comments below so we can cheer you on! Oftentimes writing down what you want helps anchor your goals, facilitate the process, and bring it into your current reality more quickly.  Once you have thought of one small step that you can take……go do it today.

And there you are…10 ways to help you motivate yourself in your life.

And if you are struggling and needing help with your motivation please feel free to click on the link below in the show notes and schedule your free 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me today. I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. This is Lori Lander with Lori Lander Coaching and make today your day!

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