Through a powerful coaching process, I will help you:

  • GAIN CLARITY and a sense of direction through an authentic self-discovery process.
  • RE-CLAIM YOUR CONFIDENCE, overcome self doubt and thrive.
  • CONQUER YOUR FEARS by learning and implementing empowering strategies.
  • FEEL MORE CONNECTED TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS as you create a more meaningful and purposeful life.
  • DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUENESS and LIFE PURPOSE and determine how to share your special gifts and talents with others.


“I worked with Lori for a few months, and I can say that she is a very attentive and professional. With the challenges that I came across, she helped me put each of them into a perspective that made it so much easier for me to tackle. Normally I’d think of problems somehow getting resolved in an abstract way, but Lori helps to make problem resolution concrete by asking things like “how” and “when” for each challenge I’m trying to overcome. I always have a lot of anxiety about a lot of different things, and Lori helped to ease all of that. She helped me with more constructive ways of thinking. I’ve found ways to shed a lot of the weight that’s been keeping me down emotionally, like telling myself that I’m allowed to be messy in my process and that my personal best in a given day doesn’t need to be my all-time best. I started working out regularly again and I fixed my messed-up sleep schedule. Now when I wake up every day, instead of feeling gross and groggy, I feel pretty refreshed. I feel a lot less irritable from day to day. Overall I’d say my experience with Lori has resulted in my problems not seeming so intimidating, and I feel a lot of gratitude towards myself and all the nice things I have in my life. Thank you so much for all your help, Lori.”

~Emily, Maryland

What is life coaching anyway?

Life coaching is a partnership in which we work together to initially clarify areas in your life that you would like to improve upon and then I help you develop a plan of action that inspires you to maximize your full potential. As your coach, I will support, empower and challenge you through methods that help you achieve your goals and get results.

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