In this video you will learn:

  • What may be causing you to struggle so much with change.
  • What you need to STOP doing.
  • A few important questions to ask yourself to help you gain the clarity necessary to embrace change.
  • What to focus on in the midst of change.
  • A golden nugget of wisdom that has made a world of difference in how I handle change in my life.

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TRANSCRIPT: How To Handle Change 

Hello and welcome. I am Lori Lander founder of Lori Lander Coaching and   I have a question for you…. Are you wanting to make a change in your life and are not quite sure how to begin or what your first step should be???   If so …. Take your first small step and CLICK on the link below this video to receive a free and short mini-training that explains The First Essential Step To Make a Change In Your Life,  that also comes with a powerful download for you so you can begin taking this first step to making a change today…..So make sure and click on the link below to receive this free mini-training. 

I want to begin today with a quote that I love by Socrates and he quotes. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

When I first heard this quote I became keenly aware that most of my struggles with change were due to me focusing more on what happened in the past and focusing less on embracing what was to come in my future.  Once I learned how to stop resisting change and stop holding onto what was, I was able to embrace changes in my life with excitement and appreciation for the possibilities yet to come in my future.

Now, I want you to take a moment to think about a change that has occurred in your life recently that you aren’t so happy about? How are you feeling about this change? Is it causing you to feel anxious, sad, lonely, fearful, or even angry? Now go one step further and ask yourself what is behind these feelings? ?  What is coming up for you? Are you holding onto these feelings for a reason? If so, ask yourself what the reason is. Could it be that you are living in the past and wishing things were different than they are now? Or maybe you are feeling powerless as a result of this change?  These reasons that are coming up for you are most likely causing you to resist the changes that have occurred. Take a moment to think about what is causing you to resist the change. It’s really important to expose these feelings for what they are and allow them to surface so you can address them. Once you have acknowledged your feelings you may be better able to accept the change.

So here’s the thing that we all need to come to grips with….Change is inevitable. … and it will happen whether we want it to or not. So it’s really important to understand that although we don’t always have control over change we DO have control over how we respond to the change that is occurring. 

Once you realize that you have control over how you choose to respond to any given situation,  you will feel more equipped to deal with the change and view the change as a part of life and something that we all go through. 

To help you along when you are in the midst of change, it’s also important to focus on the silver linings and to ask yourself how you may be able to benefit from and adapt to these changes moving forward.   

Although change can be very painful in the short term, focusing on being optimistic and flexible during this transitional time, can have a lasting impact on you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

I do hope that you found value in today’s video and remember that whenever you are going through a change in your life please know that you have the power within yourself to choose how you want to respond to that change. This golden nugget of wisdom was so eye-opening for me and has made a world of difference in how I handle change in my life. 

Also, I encourage you to share this video with a friend or family member who may be going through a change in their life and having a difficult time.  

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and  I look forward to seeing you back here next week!

CLICK HERE to watch The First Essential Step To Making A Change In Your Life FREE mini-training.

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