Harnessing Your Thoughts

Harnessing Your Thoughts

It’s time to rewind the negative self-talk and create a brand new soundtrack!

Your thoughts are always playing in the background of your mind. What are they saying to you

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies.

We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else is. If your self-talk is full of negative messages, it can bring about feelings like anxiety, frustration, depression, and guilt. 

Thankfully, you can flip the script on your negative self-talk and replace those scripts with empowering thoughts! 

You may not even be aware of these thoughts!

These tapes (thoughts) can have a powerful effect on you and your decisions. Noticing when the tapes start playing is a key component to rewriting them and designing more positive self-talk. Remind yourself that just because you think something, doesn’t mean it’s true

Just knowing what is on your tape can give you the lens shift you need to alter your thoughts. Then you can start replacing the negative thoughts with more positive ones. 

Choose to look for the good. Accept the challenges that life presents without assigning unfavorable meaning. Allow the positive to outweigh the negative. 

Here’s to embracing all the good the world has to offer!

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