Q’s and A’s

What is the difference between life coaching, counseling and consulting?

Life coaches meet clients where they are currently. They help with overcoming your blocks and challenges, as well as help you identify what you truly value and want in life, while offering unconditional support and inspiration. Through powerful questions and exercises, coaches help you to gain clarity and direction so you are able to unleash your full potential, achieve your goals and change your life.

Counselors and psychotherapists work with clients to heal a past trauma, address a psychological issue or medical illness or recover from a painful childhood.

Consultants advise their clients about a specific area of expertise.

How does the life coaching process work?

First, we schedule a time to talk via phone or video call (your preference). Our initial session is complimentary where we discuss your needs and concerns and I will answer any questions that you may have about life coaching. After our initial session, I will email you a customized coaching agreement along with a reflection exercise for you to fill out and return prior to our next meeting. I offer one hour coaching sessions and typically recommend meeting weekly or bi-weekly depending on your goals and your timeline.

What form of payment do you accept?

Once you choose which coaching package you would like, I will send you a link for you to pay via paypal.

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