What is the most blissful moment you can recall?

How did that moment feel? What emotions filled your body, mind, and spirit

What events led up to that magical moment? How did you respond and how does recalling that moment feel now?

Oftentimes, we are so focused on how to change any circumstances that make us unhappy that we bypass the many actions we can take to increase our current happiness levels!

Taking a personal inventory and deciding what does and does not work for you is an important step in exploring your path to happiness. 

When you discover the multiple routes you can take to infuse joy into your life, it becomes easier to face the challenges with a smile on your face and let the small things roll off you like water.

When you take the time to actively seek your happiness, you will attract it! Practice incorporating the things that bring you joy and this helps to increase the amount of bliss you experience while diminishing the frustrations and setbacks.

Recognizing what brings you joy will make it easier to find more of the things that increase your happiness level. This is a powerful tool to add to your toolbox.

Becoming consciously aware of what you are thankful for is a powerful step toward raising your happiness quotient. Consider creating a gratitude journal so you can focus on what you are thankful for on a daily basis!

Knowing what brings a smile to your face will enable you to add more joy and happiness to your life, so make it a priority to find out what your happiness path consists of. Doing the things you love to do, spending time with the people who fill your heart and making yourself a priority means a more joy-filled life.

You are worth it!

If you are ready to begin following your path to happiness, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Coaching Call! You will have the opportunity to dream big, uncover what may be holding you back and learn how you can live a life that feels balanced and joyful!

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