THRIVE in Your 50s by Embracing Change

Stop letting empty nest syndrome prevent you from the richest, most fulfilling time of your life.


The years of strollers, dance recitals, and early Saturday morning soccer games may be over, but that doesn’t signify an end to your purpose. This is just the beginning of a new era for you. An era of fresh beginnings for your career, your marriage, and the relationships you get to have with your adult children.

It’s time to embrace the change and step into a more centered, authentic, and confident version of yourself.


By the end of this week, you will have learned how to:

  • Embrace the present moment as you adapt to your new reality
  • Dream big and develop a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • Set clear goals that align with your vision
  • Create a plan for moving forward and begin taking action to bring your inspiring vision to life

66% of women experience “empty nest syndrome,” or a feeling of grief and loneliness since their children moved out of the house.

This phenomenon has been shown to create distance between spouses, develop friction between mothers and their adult children, and hinder performance and growth in one’s professional development as well.

Empty nest syndrome can be the downfall for many women and hinder you from a season where you finally have the wisdom, experience, and self-assurance to experience the richest parts of life.

Deep love, true connection, realized passion, and authenticity can only come from an understanding that simply isn’t available to you in your 20s and 30s.

Aging is inevitable and instead of trying to freeze time what if we, as women, could embrace new, enlightened versions of ourselves with every season?

What if with every year you get to embrace a more confident, more successful, and authentically happy version of yourself?

Nobody wants to live as if they’ve passed their prime, and the human experience does not end with your child’s graduation. You have a purpose that is beyond your marriage, motherhood, and being needed. 

You are completely whole, and valuable simply as you are for who you are, and in this masterclass, I am not only going to get you to see that, but help you truly believe it.

By embodying this self-worth and learning to embrace change you open yourself up to a reality where your life gets better and better all of the time.

When children leave the house many couples get divorced, but what if you get to experience a resurgence in your marriage and you get to have a honeymoon stage all over again?

Many women tend to slow down in their careers in their 50s, but what if you get to have immense clarity in your purpose and focus your energy and efforts on leaving your legacy?

What if you get to experience more confidence, fulfillment, and authentic happiness than you ever have in your entire life?

This is what comes from embracing change.

According to Independent Magazine, Research into the lives of modern women revealed older generations feel they are living their best lives.

Women aged 50-65 are happier with their age, relationships, and confidence than women in their 20s. And 1/6 feel more confident in how they look now than ever before.

In comparison, just 44% of younger women are comfortable with their love life while only 1 in  10 are satisfied with their age and self-confidence.

And women aged 50-65 exercise for almost two hours a week – almost 30 minutes longer than their younger counterparts.

Thank you for helping me on this journey. I never thought that I could become a better person, not really. I always wanted to change, to become happier, but I didn’t think I could ever do it. You helped me to see a clearer and more obtainable pathway. You are a joy to be around and it is infectious. I feel lighter and happier than I have in years, and that all started with your help and your encouragement. I have never been able to give myself grace and self-love until now, and now I find myself cheerleading for me daily…thank you. I hope you know what a difference you made in helping me heal!

-- Megan

Lori has literally helped me turn my life around by teaching me how to be organized, providing me with a plan, and by giving me wonderful support along the way. She knows how to get to the root of a personal challenge or block without being pushy or intrusive. She’s kind and enthusiastic, and it truly feels like her desire to help is a passion and not just a career. She’s lovely as a coach and as a person. I’m a mom of three and she has really helped me figure out how to balance out all the many demands of my life while still being able to fit in self-care and some of my own passions. It’s a work in progress but since I started working with Lori, I’m on the right path now, which is huge!

-- Amy

Lori has been an invaluable resource as I have been working on making some adjustments in my life. I am close to becoming an empty-nester and am reevaluating where I choose to spend my time and energy. Lori does not push me in any specific direction but encourages me to reflect on what it is that I value at this time. Lori is non-judgemental, truly hears what I am saying, and even hears what I don’t even realize I’m saying! Most importantly, she provides specific ways to reflect and decide what I want to accomplish when I sometimes am not even sure myself which direction I’d like to head. She then provides structure to help me reach those goals both big and small. I can be completely candid, and even when I realize that I need to shift direction, Lori is unwaveringly encouraging and supportive. I feel more clear, confident and positive about my life’s direction since I started working with Lori. Thank you, Lori!

-- Lisa

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