Embracing Change for Infinite Growth

Within a year we experience change all around us. The grounds are covered in ice and the trees are bare in the winter, then the flowers pop up in the spring, the temperature rises in the summer, and the leaves fall off in autumn. We are in a world where change is inevitable whether that’s in our bodies, careers, relationships, friendships, or interests. No matter the subject, we must learn how to embrace it for our personal growth journey.

There’s a season for everything


In pretty much every experience there’s a “honeymoon phase” where whatever you’re experiencing is new and exciting. This would be correlated to the season of spring. When your senses are awakened, there’s a freshness and newness that makes us excited for what’s to come, and there’s a lot of energy circulating. 

In a new job, this can look like you being super excited to dive into new projects head-on. You’re so grateful to have been chosen for the job and you’re ready to show everyone what you can do with a major dose of enthusiasm.


After that subsides, as every intense emotion does, you start to adapt and grow into the situation — transitioning into the summer phase. You learn more, you acclimate to the dynamics, and become wiser. Think of how trees look in the summer, luscious and green as if that is the state they were always meant to be in, even though the branches were completely bare just a few months before. This is a season of blooming and embodying.

For a new mom, this happens when she fully adjusts to her new life. She’s healed, she has her routines, and she has a lot more confidence in making decisions for her baby. She’s finally become comfortable with being a mom and identifying with her new role. This is her in her summer phase.

You would think that once you hit your peak you would just coast there, but that’s why change is so important and such a natural cycle. As much as we would like to stay in full bloom, we must let it go in order to transition into the next phase of our lives and grow.


The next phase after a full bloom is to harvest or to become mature. This is the season of mastery, wisdom, and responsibility. In other words, you know better and you have the power to now guide others if that’s in the cards.

A very common example of this is the wedding timeline for a bride. Once she’s engaged she’s in her spring phase. Filled with all sorts of excitement when planning a wedding. Then when she’s the bride on that day and through even the first few years of her marriage she’s in her full bloom summer. Once all of that is over and she settles into being a wife, that’s when she will transition into her autumn phase. Note that although there’s so much excitement and newness in the first couple of phases, getting to autumn is actually the peak of the experience, and what the goal was all along. There is so much beauty and growth in that autumn phase that we can sometimes neglect it because it’s not as shiny.


Then finally we have the winter phase which marks the ending of various timelines in our lives. No matter how special or cherished a season may be, having an ending makes room for new beginnings

Winter doesn’t necessarily mean an end to a job, a marriage, or even your kids leaving the home. For many of us, winter comes as a chance for us to leave behind the past version of ourselves internally. We’ve already done it time and time again. You’re not the same person you were in college, nor the same as you were in your first job. When you start looking, you realize that seasons are changing internally and externally in nearly every facet of your life.

The point being is that change is a natural process and without it, we can’t grow and evolve as individuals. As much as we may love particular phases of our lives: the honeymoon phase, the newborn stage, etc. those times are meant to end, and it’s imperative for you to transition in order to have the life, relationships, and experiences that will make up your life.

Why people resist change

When you look at change as a natural force it can seem odd to want to prevent it, but here are some reasons why many people resist the change that may ultimately serve them.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Marianne Williamson

There are circumstances when we will actively choose not to grow because we are truly afraid of how powerful we really are. We get compliant and comfortable even if we aren’t happy and that can cause us to resist change.


If you are spending too much time down memory lane, it may be because you’re unhappy with your current reality. Yes, we all love to reminisce, but living in the past can hold you back from stepping into the future. Remember energy flows where energy goes and if you are focusing your time and energy on what used to be, you allow little space for new experiences.


Gripping means that you are trying to control a dynamic or situation to a point where the Universe can’t do its job and nature is being hindered. We do this when we are being overly protective, have anxiety, or feel like we have to manage everything by ourselves. If you want to learn more about gripping and how to surrender and bring more peace into your life, check out my blog post: Every Successful Person’s Best Kept Secret: Surrender

How to embrace change for infinite growth

It’s in our nature to resist change in order to protect ourselves, but that’s why embracing change can be so pivotal in every aspect of our lives. When you realize that change is happening for you rather than to you, you can approach life with a deeper sense of gratitude and attract more good things into your life. You can fully experience the excitement that a spring season brings and when you’re in full bloom in the summer you can make the most of it. Then when autumn comes about and you fully develop in that state you can acknowledge it, and welcome what’s to come. That way when winter rears about, it doesn’t hurt or get too uncomfortable, because you know that a whole new cycle is in the works. 

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