Cultivating Meaningful Work


Cultivating Meaningful Work ~ Letting Go Of Self-Doubt & “Supposed To”


What fills your life with meaning?

When you think of truly living a wholehearted life, what do you envision? What passions, desires, hobbies, or causes infuse your life with meaning?

We all have gifts and talents, and we have been charged with using them to make the world a better place. Using these gifts and talents adds a layer of purpose and joy to your life! Finding what you consider to be meaningful work is an important task. Uncovering your true gifts and talents and then using them to create meaningful work is key to living a wholehearted life.

The ninth guidepost of Dr. Brene Brown’s Ten Guideposts to Wholehearted Living is Cultivating Meaningful Work and Letting Go Of Self – Doubt And “Supposed-To”. Through Dr. Brown’s research, she has uncovered that we all have gifts and talents and that squandering these gifts brings distress to our lives. Sometimes we push these gifts to the side because they don’t fit in with our perception of what a “perfect” life should look like. 

We spend so much time trying to check off boxes and attempting to fit our square pegs into round holes that we don’t realize we have not embraced meaningful work in our attempts to fit in. There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to discovering what holds meaning for you!

Remember, the only way to uncover your passions is not by asking what the world wants or needs but instead to “ask what makes you come alive, and go and do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” (Howard Thurman).

Do you find it easy to identify your gifts and talents? Some of us are very familiar with them, while for others it takes a little more digging. If you find it a little difficult, you could start by thinking about what you’re passionate about and what lights you up. What are some things that come easily and naturally to you?

Over the next week, I invite you to take some take to explore how you can cultivate meaningful work in your life. And don’t forget, living a wholehearted life is an ongoing practice! There are no secrets or shortcuts. I want to celebrate you embracing your talents in ways that bring you joy and positively impacts the lives of others! 

Share with me, what is one gift you are going to embrace today?

If you’d like to connect with these guideposts on a deeper level and find more personal support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me HERE. I would be honored to join you as you live a Wholehearted Life!

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