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Cultivating Authenticity ~ Letting Go Of What Other People Think

Does the thought of exposing your vulnerability make you feel uncomfortable?

Rest assured, you are not alone. Dr. Brene Brown is a researcher who studied the effects of vulnerability and began to notice a trend in certain groups who were not held back by fear of vulnerability. These people did things a little differently, and she began to refer to them as “the wholehearted.” These people were bringing their whole selves to the table, and she decided to create the 10 Guidepost for Wholehearted Living to teach others to do the same.

The first guidepost is Cultivating Authenticity and Letting Go of What Other People Think. Being authentic is defined as being 100% ourselves; not a version of who we think we should be, or what other people think we should be.

Of course, you want to be who you are. But leaning into the vulnerability of allowing yourself to be the authentic version of you can be scary.

Being truly authentic means your words and actions are in alignment with your innermost beliefs, and you are willing to risk that emotional exposure. This may sound terrifying, but it also allows you to work through the shame and embrace your imperfections. When you come from a place of embracing, accepting, and celebrating your authentic self, you can then shine your light to allow others to embrace their own glow!

So, how can you start cultivating authenticity? Start by thinking about what kind of person you see yourself as, and what type of person you’d like to be. What is important to you? What values and beliefs do you have in your life? Are you allowing those values to guide you?

You may also want to ask yourself what is holding you back from living by your authentic beliefs? What are you doing solely to please others rather than what brings you joy?

Remember! This is NOT an overnight transformation. You’re embarking on a new journey, and it’s a journey that can last a lifetime. Take notice of when you’re not living your life in line with your authentic self, and make shifts to get back to who you know you are. This isn’t about perfection; it’s about progress!

Learning to live a wholehearted life is a life-changing experience that takes daily practice. Small changes will make a big difference, and I’m here to support you through it. I’d love to hear about how you envision beginning to cultivate authenticity in your life, and what shifts you notice!  Feel free to comment below.

Should you need more support reach out to me directly HERE.

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