The life and future of your dreams are in your hands.

By Taking Responsibility You Can Change Your Life

Everything in life changes when you realize that you are responsible for the circumstances, dynamics, and outcomes that you experience in life. What this means is that you have so much more power than you think you do. It also changes the narrative from a feeling of helplessness, to a mindset of growth and the ability to learn from any given situation. Once you tap into that mentality, the entire world changes around you. You start to realize that every interaction, experience, and relationship in your reality has meaning and contributes to the storyline that is your life. When you take responsibility you then have the power to play an active part in this creation and intentionally build the life of your dreams.

Life happens for you, not to you.

When things aren’t going our way it can be really easy to feel as though the world is against you. That your desires aren’t being recognized and your manifestations will never come true. However, the key to having more control and the ability to change your reality is to shift your mindset and start seeing every “hard knock” as guidance. In every experience, good or bad, how did it help you grow? What did you learn from it?

We can’t control how the world affects our lives on the outside, but we CAN control how it affects us on the inside. When you choose to take responsibility for how you react you find that life’s circumstances don’t affect you like they once did. Hard experiences don’t feel so harmful anymore, your emotions may not run as high, and your nervous system may become calmer. Life experiences help mold you into the highest version of yourself.

Is your ego getting in the way?

The first step to taking responsibility for your life is to learn how to see beyond how you emotionally feel for the sake of your growth. Our ego is the driving force that fulfills our internal needs and can distract us from seeing the lessons our life experiences are trying to teach us.\

How can you identify when your ego is getting in the way?

When you’re facing any kind of adversity in your life — whether it’s a struggle at work or a conflict between you and your partner, you want to address what part of you the circumstance is serving. Imagine you’re having a conflict with your partner that you have all the time, try taking a step back and see what the real underlying cause of the fight is. You might just be arguing because your ego desires attention from your partner and you may realize that there may be a better way of gaining attention.

When you start implementing this practice you will see just how many adversities can be solved by simply checking in with yourself and acknowledging what you truly want and need. When you learn how to take responsibility for these feelings you can use your life experiences for growth rather than letting your ego run the show.

Accepting yourself by taking responsibility

Once your ego is acknowledged and satisfied, the next step to taking responsibility for your life is to accept yourself — as you are and where you are right now. If you can clearly see your life circumstances and experiences as none other than beautiful lessons that are meant to develop your life, you level out the playing field. You start to see everything as neutral, if not positive, and that’s what can help shift you into a state of growth. Accepting yourself fully is important because you can’t have clarity in a situation if you’re muddled with blame or self-deprecation. Simply know that you are always in a state of learning, and you deserve grace. People make mistakes, but it’s from those mistakes we become the people we are truly meant to be. 

To accept yourself is to know that your flaws, faults, and shortcomings do not make you wrong or bad. If you are working to adopt this practice it’s important to always remember that you are enough just as you are. This mindset shift allows you to start from a level playing field and neutrally learn from the lessons the Universe puts in your path. Mistakes don’t mean that there is something wrong with you, all they mean is that you have something valuable to learn.

You already have the power, and by taking responsibility you can change your life.

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