How my client completely transformed her relationships, business, and self-worth through life coaching

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to work with a life coach? I mean, what results can truly come from talking about your feelings? Well, let me tell you about one of my past clients who completely transformed her life at the age of 56 after working with me for just 12 weeks.

When this client came to me, she was an empty-nester single mom and she had put her business on hold because her daughter had health struggles and needed her full-time attention and care. She was also struggling with making unhealthy food choices to cope with how she felt. Overall she was feeling a lack of purpose and unfulfilled with life.

At this time in her life what she ultimately needed was a personalized plan of action, empathy for what she was experiencing, and someone to hold her accountable to make a positive change. All things that self-help books and podcasts just can’t do. That’s why having a life coach on her side was so impactful on her success.

I approached this client with my 5-part coaching process that was tailored and customized to her specific needs and goals.

We started by getting clear on what she truly wanted out of her life. She expressed that she wanted healthier connections and deeper relationships. She wanted to start working on her business again and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in her work. She also wanted to get healthier physically and learn how to put herself first. All desires I think many of us can relate to.

With this information, I helped her create a step-by-step plan for how she was going to open herself up to receive what she wanted.

From there we focused on her mindset. My client was experiencing limiting beliefs, self-doubt, fear, and a lack of self-worth. She did not feel like she deserved the life she desired. In order to achieve her goals we needed to shift her mindset and equip her with the tools she needed to overcome what was holding her back so that she could embrace change and elevate into a next-level version of herself.

This came with assessing what obstacles in her life were hindering her progress. For this particular client, comfort foods were proving to be one of her obstacles. She had a habit of making unhealthy food choices because she was not taking the time to plan out her meals ahead of time and meal prep, which resulted in her giving in to emotional eating and eating a lot of fast food.

After identifying what was holding her back, we created a new habit of incorporating meal planning into her routine that helped her easily choose healthier foods on a daily basis that were readily available.

Once she implemented these positive habits and changes, we worked on a plan to make sure she could sustain this new lifestyle that she created. 

My goal is to not only help my clients through a turbulent season but make sure that they can continue to progress long after our work together.

All of this resulted in my client transforming her life on every level. She started working again and began to believe in herself for the first time in years. Her relationships flourished with family, friends, and herself AND she met the man of her dreams, whom she is very much in love with to this day. She now enjoys eating healthier and exercising regularly, and as a result, has lost over 10 pounds. She truly loves how she looks and feels!

The best part is that she loves herself more than ever before. She VALUES herself more now and she learned how to put on her own oxygen mask first so that she can show up brighter in all aspects of her life.

This is just one of the many transformations that I’ve witnessed through this work. On a daily basis, I am working 1:1 with women who are experiencing major changes like becoming an empty nester for the first time, going through a divorce, health issues, transitioning careers, starting a business, and other major life moments that are hard to navigate alone. I approach every client with empathy and understanding, and I nurture them to get to where they desire to be both internally and externally in their lives.

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