5 Ways to Practice Self-Love on The Overthinker’s Guide to Joy Podcast

This week I had the honor and pleasure of being a guest on Jackie de Crinis’ podcast, The Overthinker’s Guide to Joy!

Jackie is not only a powerhouse woman in the life coaching space but a dear friend and colleague to me as well. She’s changed the lives of so many women and I genuinely believe that after listening to her podcast you’ll love her just as much as I do!

During this episode, we discussed: 

  • What self-love is and what I’ve learned about its value
  • Why we have to take a pause and love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else
  • How we learn about self-love far too late in life
  • Why focusing on self-love is so critical for women especially
  • How many women aren’t truly aware of what brings them joy in life, and how to give yourself the time and space to find it
  • Why perfectionism and overthinking makes showing ourselves love even more difficult
  • 5 ways that Lori recommends all of us start practicing self-love right now
  • How to figure out what self-love means for you and decide on the practices that will make a difference in your own life

There are so many juicy nuggets of wisdom in this episode and the energy between Jackie and me during this conversation was magnetic. 

It’s out now, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Click this link to listen to Ep #64: 5 Ways to Practice Self-Love with Female Empowerment Coach Lori Lander on The Overthinker’s Guide to Joy podcast

If you love this episode make sure you share it on social media tagging me @lorilandercoaching and leave Jackie a review on Apple Podcast!

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